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Electric Forest Festival Goers BEWARE in Berrien County, Michigan.

On June 25, 2015, over 30,000 people will travel to Rothbury, Michigan, to attend the 8th annual Electric Forest Music Festival.

If you are planning on driving to Electric Forest, please be careful while driving on I-94, US 31-, and I-196 in Berrien County, Michigan. Berrien County is located in the southwest corner of Michigan, and it borders Indiana to the north. In 2014, numerous police agencies in Berrien County stopped, ticketed, arrested, and prosecuted 100s of festival goers. The police officers were looking for anyone that "looked" like they were headed to Electric Forest.

This year, if you are travelling to Electric Forest, and you are driving through Berrien County, here are a few basic tips to lessen your chances of being harrassed by the police:

1. Do not speed;

2. Do not "drive too close" to the car ahead of you;

3. Make sure your car's equipment is in good working order (i.e. headlights, brake lights, no cracked windshields);

4. Travel in the right lane of the expressway; and

5. Do not have anything hanging from your rear-view mirror or anything that could "obstruct" a driver's vision.

If you are pulled over, you have the right to deny an officer's request to search the vehicle, however persuasive he or she may be.

Travel safely, and enjoy Electric Forest 2015!

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